Oceans Apart


Young hearts beating in young hands
With little smiles and little hope;
Too young to know and too quickly torn away.
Bare feet running in corn fields now oceans apart.

But memories traveled and memories remained
You didn’t leave my world though I left yours.
Prayers inside prayers and thoughts within thoughts.
But did you still think of me oceans apart?

Years went by, little hearts grew into hurt hearts.
Young hands calloused into scars.
Each of us in pieces from life carving in it’s time.
Bruised, lost, and worn in these oceans apart.

My stars were your stars. Your moon my moon.
I saw your life and you saw mine.
You were running and striving and I was trapped and crying.
Back in each other’s world but still oceans apart.

Hands that couldn’t reach and hearts that couldn’t speak.
But you said we would figure it out.
Trust through the thunder and faith through the rain
We swam the waves sweeping to toss us oceans apart.

The sun cleared on our horizon
Warming my hand in your hand; your heart in my heart
The string of our lives intertwined through time
No longer to swim in these oceans part.


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