Freeze Me Here

In a cold room
warm whispers out the window
give me goose bumps.

I find relief in your
enveloping warmth but
push you away
like a hot blanket
suffocating my legs
until they itch to run.
Why do I fearfully ache to be still?

You’ve basked me in the
blessedness of perfect unity.
But now the season flurries in
unbinding me from the bond
built into me like boiling
water unravels a web into silk.
Maybe we can become just as intricate.

It’s time.
I’m on the doorstep.
but it feels more like I’m
stepping off a tree limb
I had no fear of climbing.
It’s always harder climbing
down than climbing up.

We both know we should do this
quick like a band aid.
But I still let you keep holding me
with your hopeful haunting heat.
And like a band aid
I know the burn will still sting
After you’re torn away.

I just want to melt
back into your fiery arms.
Because I can’t soak you in enough
like dirt thirsting for dew every
morning. So I sweat to fill up
every pore with you.

Our time is about to freeze over.
If only we could freeze it here.
But minutes drop
like leaves, leaving me
in you.

I’m afraid we’ll subtly fade
from healthy green to crippled brown.
But I will embrace this cold.
This ache.
Because this is where my
frosty fingers remember
your pumping veins
etched in mine like a
vine imprinted in cement.

My goose bumps return
and my tummy turns cold
as your dusty whispers
gleam in on me from the window.

If only it was just glass separating
your arms from


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