Life Abundant


Who knew this black burnt land
could hide such extravagant light
within its blood stained sand?

With searing darkness
suffocating scorched souls
light is a thirst only surviving searchers find.

Even when found,
Its taste illuminates
the starving void.
A hollow ache ever
grumbling for more.

This is the midnight
eclipsing our hope.
Not Obliterating.

For the shadows of night
cannot exist without a
corona of light. It’s through
extreme deep,

radiance is purely forged.
A flame is set ablaze
even darkness cannot quench.

Though hidden,
singed remnants assure
life breaking in.

Feeding famine land
with dew drops from stars
feeling for stubborn ground
to till black secret centers
soft as flesh.

Steadily, painfully
Hopeful heat is branding in.
Our parched lips are kissed.

So if darkness harbingers
this blood beating life,
let it shine extravagant.


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