Maturing Pains


“My ears had heard of you, but now my eyes have seen you.” –Job

I read Your love in His scars
Bleeding “I so loved the world.”
And jealously I strained to read,
You “so loved me.”

I coveted to be the only one
On your mind like the one thorn
Penetrating deeper. The only one
You crossed your arms to hold.

But I know every beating corpse
Needs a crimson kiss to stain
Infected lips white. Only You can
Chisel our eyes awake.

Still, my open eyes sleep.

So You allured me into emptiness
Whispering tenderly.
I breathed in your lungs the soothing
Scent of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrows.

Your fragrance lingered in my veins
Drinking me into your exploding sky
Until my spirit was solitary
In purples and pinks.

You said to know You “so loved me”
I must eat pain. So You pricked my heart.
Sewing me into deep black dungeons
where I forgot the taste of light.

In the womb of the pit,
Anguish shaped my deformed frame;
Bruising, breaking, and rebinding my bones
until refining suffering bore me new.

Your lashing rains and breakers slayed me.
But Your anchored hand pulled
me through the depths, watering
my throat and eyes to taste and see.

Then I read it in my scars…
and I knew.


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