Pieces of Me


I can feel their words digging into my thoughts
Like termites burrow through cement walls.
They’re so small they bite in where no one can see
Building their red clay towers into my mind.
You’re such a disappointment
You’re not who we thought.
You hypocrite.
Ungrateful girl.
Bad role model.
Grain by grain, brick by brick.
Each day, several times a day
I sweep the destructive red mounds away.
I thought I’d forgiven the spiteful glances and
Poisonous tongues. But the venom still spreads.
Somehow during the night while I sleep
Foundations are being set and red dirt steeples rise
Piercing my heart once again.
I trace their red path searching for the source
To shovel out the root of bitterness.
But the invisibly clear creatures are nowhere to be found.
All I see is the destructive path they leave.
Red dirt seeping through the sockets of my eyes
Red footprints climbing up the cracks of my skin
Red tunnels hiding under the rugs of my mind.
One day,
When I look in the mirror,
Is that what I’ll see?
All the hateful parts of them that bit out the soft pieces of me?


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