Business Review

My New Adventure with Origami Owl


Hello Everyone!!

I wanted to share with you that I have become an Origami Owl Designer!!! This means that I sell Custom Jewelry created by Origami Owl. You can check out my site here: Origami Owl – Wear Your Heart.  Some of the jewelry includes necklaces, ear rings, bracelets, watches, and so much more! The main piece of jewelry are the Living Lockets in which you place different charms. Origami Owl is all about telling stories. And one of the ways to tell your story is through the different charms you pick out to put in your Living Locket.


As a part of telling stories, I would like to share with you my “Why” for joining Origami Owl:

So I didn’t start out searching for Origami Owl. I honestly had never heard of it before. I had been searching and praying for some time that God would allow me to find a job I could do from home. But it had to be something I enjoyed. And every time I thought about what kind of job I would like I found myself repeating “I just want to help people. I want them to know how loved they are and how beautiful. I want others to go for their dreams and not doubt they can achieve them.” In my mind I was like there is no way there is any sort of job that would allow me to do this desire in my heart and make money. The money part didn’t really matter to me but I still needed to make money to live. Anyway, God sort of caused Origami Owl to stumble upon me. When I looked through Origami Owl I saw beautiful lockets and cute charms and just beautiful jewelry and I was like yeah that’s cool. But then I saw Origami Owl’s message behind their jewelry and I felt my heart jump. This company was more than just making money. It had heart behind it and its focus was people and inspiring and spreading love and being a force for good! This was everything I wanted to do! So I joined. And as I got to know more about Origami Owl I realized they were also about storytelling and connecting with others through story and helping others see their own beauty and their own potential. Again, my heart did a leap. I have been working to become a published author so I love stories and storytelling and one of the reasons I joined Origami Owl was because I wanted a way to have a source of income but also have time to work on my writing. And then I find out storytelling is a part of Origami Owl!!! So even though I sort of just fell into this opportunity I think God’s hand was working behind my story and He was leading me even though I didn’t realize it.


In addition to sharing my “Why” for joining Origami Owl, I wanted to share some of the History of how this company all got started. It began when a fourteen year old named, Bella, went to her parents and asked if they could buy her a car for her 16th birthday. Like any good parents, they told her that is something she was going to have to work towards. Life isn’t easy and we all have to find our way in it. So Bella began to create jewelry and sell it to her family and friends and eventually she raised enough money to buy her very own car! Now, her business is thriving and so many more people are able to reach their dreams and goals by doing exactly what Bella did when she was just fourteen years old.


Origami Owl is all about inspiring others and spreading love and being a force for good. It seems strange that it would be through jewelry. However, one of the things I love about Origami Owl is that the charms are a way to tell stories. People connect through story. Each one of us carries stories in our hearts or memories of something beautiful we hope we never forget. And these charms are a way of sharing our story. We can inspire others through our stories and through the treasures we carry in our hearts. We can be a force for good by encouraging others and listening to their story without judgement and connecting with them and finding comfort in shared experiences.

I do

In my opinion, Origami Owl is so much more than just jewelry. While the jewelry is beautiful, it is just a means to share our hearts with each other.  You don’t need a piece of jewelry to connect or to share your heart. But if you would like to tell your own story through different pieces of jewelry please visit: Origami Owl – Wear Your Heart



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