Turning My Dreams into Adventures

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Okay guys, I have done it! I have decided to take a calculated investment and change the course of my life. I have started my journey as a digital nomad!!!
Let me tell you a little bit about my story and about the community that found me.

First off, I was sick of my job.

Sick of being stuck in an office when there was so much world out there to see.

Sick of letting my dreams wait and slowly fade.

I wasn’t getting any younger.

I knew I didn’t want to be chained at a desk for the rest of my life.

There was and is so much more to this life.

I needed something different. A way to be able to live out my dreams but still have some sort of sustenance coming in.

And then I found it!

It was sort of like when I was in Jamaica and I stepped to the edge of a cliff willing my pounding heart to settle and my legs to just jump.

It wasn’t that far to the water below and I did not come all this way to stay the same.

I finally just threw my fear aside and jumped! And just like I jumped into that water, I jumped into a new way of living.


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We were in Jamaica!

And it was absolutely beautiful!!

The sun was shining on our salted skin.

The breeze blew through our fingers and hair.

It was completely peaceful and completely exciting!!!

This was our adventure!

From swimming with dolphins,

To riding horseback through the ocean,

To jumping off of cliffs into beautiful clear crystal rivers,

To being surrounded by beautiful birds,

And flowers,

To eating tons of delicious food!!!
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When it came time to go home,

You can be sure we did not want to leave.

But we went back home to our normal lives and jobs.

Don’t get me wrong, we have a wonderful life.

But we got married to be together.

We always talk about how we have to go earn stupid money at our jobs so we can survive.

So we go to our 8 hours a day jobs 5 to sometimes 7 days out of the week.

Just to earn enough to get through the month and hopefully save a little for another adventure 5 years down the road.

I sit in a windowless office daily, without sunshine and without fresh air.

And I know this is not what I want for my life. There is so much more to life than this!

I felt like a hamster running around a wheel and not going anywhere.

I was tired of just getting by.

I was tired of being a slave to a paycheck.

I got scared when I thought about being stuck here for the rest of my life.

I knew God had more for my life than this.

This life is meant to live to the full and to experience His beauty and spread His love!

I thought about my job and wondered if maybe I just needed a new one. But I did not want to trade one office in for another.

No, I wanted something completely different!

I wanted to love and inspire others and be there for my family instead of putting slaving away for a paycheck over them.

It really hit home to my heart when a lady I interviewed with told me she wanted a replacement so she could retire and be with her family!

She had been at her job for 25 years!! And she wanted to travel and see her grand-kids and actually start living her life!

That was it. I knew I did not want to wait for my dreams to happen. I did not want to be in my sixties before I could live fully.

It was time I explored a new career, one that would allow me the freedoms I craved so much.

Something that allowed me to dictate my own schedule.

That’s when I decided to become a Digital Nomad.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Being a digital nomad means I can do my work from anywhere!

And I can have a business that actually earns and runs for me 24/7 without ever stepping into an office again!

I can actually be outside in the sunshine!

And breathe in fresh air!

I can work on my own time.

Which means when my sister calls and needs some encouragement, I don’t have to make her wait while I put in my hours.

I can actually go take her to get some hot chocolate,

And actually listen to her struggles.

It means I don’t have to leave my dogs and cats at home alone all day.

It means my husband and I can actually travel more and visit all of the places we’ve only been dreaming of.

It means I don’t work for the clock or for money anymore, time and money work for me now.

At first when I thought about joining this digital nation, I was kind of skeptical.

I had tried before to find a way to escape my job and work digitally.

But every program or group I came into contact with was so overwhelming and very expensive and didn’t really have much promise to make my life any better.

They didn’t care about me, just about my money.

I needed to find a group of people who had the same desires I had,

Who wanted to inspire and encourage and make real change.

Real people who knew where I was coming from and who knew how to guide me to where I wanted to be.

So, even though I was skeptical, I decided I did not want to stay where I was. And what could I lose by trying?

So I decided to take a chance and join this digital world.

As I read through and listened to other people’s stories, I realized they were just normal people like me trying to find and make a change.

Only they had the exact answers and steps I needed to actually make change!

And even more surprising, they weren’t just people, they were a family.

They cared about me and they cared about helping me reach my goals. They believed in me and taught me how to believe in myself.

Because they had been where I was they knew the struggles I would face and knew how to walk me through each step with the least difficulty but with the most reward.

I know there are so many others out there going through the same struggles I was…lost, not knowing which direction to go.

I feel so fortunate to now be in a position to help others…

I’ve made it my mission to help guide/mentor others in finding a new path in life!

If interested in finding out more info about this digital family I joined then reach out to me.

Comment “Dreams” below and I’ll personally be in contact.
Or… check us out at the link below:

Simply enter your Name & Email to register for a No-Cost web-class that’ll teach you more about what we do…

…and how we’ve been able to turn our dreams into reality!

Time is running out ⏳

This life is short. And I know I am not going to waste any minute I have. I’m going after my dreams!

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    1. Hey! So www. is a free webinar you can watch that will teach you how you can start an online business and build a life on your own terms! This community I’ve found is so amazing!! I’d love to talk with you more if you have any more questions about it 🙂


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